Services by Concrete Cut N Core

Concrete Cut N Core has the relevant equipment other than standard operating equipment such as handsaws, ringsaws and core-drills, and training to be able to run a minimum of:
• 2 x HY Frequency Wall Saws/ Wire Saws (with 1 wall saw capable of 390mm depth kept in Port Hedland the other capable of cutting upto 800mm or wire saw unrestricted in Perth)
• 2 x 20amp Core Drills and related equipment to core up to 1 metre diameter holes (easily available core barrels of up to 450mm diameter kept in Port Hedland)
• 1 x Ground Penetrating radar capable of scanning up to 3.7 metres in depth
• 1 x Concrete Scanning radar capable of scanning up to 450mm deep
• 3 Floor saws capable of cutting 500mm in depth (with a 350mm depth kept in Port Hedland)
• HY Frequency Handsaw, Ringsaw, and Chainsaw for fumeless and confined space operations (Kit in both Perth and Port Hedland)

Call: 0416 931 001